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Explosion Proof LED Recessed Canopy Light 60W 80W 100W 120W Industrial High Bay Lamp for Gas Station Lighting stadium lighting FT Series 9923

Tšebeliso: Mabone
Lifespan: 96,000H
Lihlahisoa tsa 'Mele oa Lamp: Aluminium Alloy
Storage Temperature: -40ºC to + 80ºC
Working Temperature: -40ºC to + 50ºC
Relative Humidity: 10-95%



◆Integrated forging process, to improve the mechanical properties and structural strength, large heat dissipation area, good thermal conductivity.

◆Adopt high purity aluminum foggy silver reflector, the appearance of simple atmosphere, solid structure, reliable, with anti-glare function.

◆Durable aluminum alloy die-casting housing for heavy-duty lighting applications.

◆Casting-integral heat sink increased air flow velocity providing maximum passive thermal management.

◆Plastic electrostatic spraying to resist corrosion, chipping and fading.

◆Allow 4 different ways of installation according to the type of roof.

◆Replace traditional lamps without modifying electrical installations in existing roofs. Can be easily installed in sheet, cement and false ceiling roofs.

◆Fastening by brackets, steel braces or integrated to roofing.

◆Offer 160 degree opening angle, allow an excellent distribution of lighting to entrances and exits of roofs.

* Tobetsa mona bakeng sa livideo tse ling tsa sehlahisoa


Designed to illuminate high-rise areas of places such as:

(1)Service station (Gas station)

(2)Petrochemical complex

(3)Cooling chamber

(4)Marine platform

(5)Oil refineries

Molemo oa Khatello

1.FETON e fana ka moralo o le mong oa ho emisa mabone ka kakaretso bakeng sa baqapi ba bangata ba tsebahalang ba maiketsetso, boqapi ba meralo, boenjiniere ba motlakase, le baqapi ba mekhabiso e kahare ka sistimi e ikhethang ea taolo ea boleng, taolo e ntle ea phepelo ea phepelo ea lisebelisoa le lihlopha tse hloahloa tsa LED.

2.We can customize the products to the requirement of the clients. We have always insist with "quality and innovation" and offer competitive price for our clients.

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