Luchtbehandeling Ozonvrije versie UVC-leds HAVC-oplossing UVC-lichtkiemdodende ultraviolette lamp voor airconditioning

Gebruik: industrieel of commercieel gebruik

Wavelength: UV-C

Toepassing: sterilisatie

Efficiëntie: 99.9% sterilisatiesnelheid




The proliferation of bacteria and viruses has increased the demand for air purification, then more and more people pay their attention on the ultraviolet ray to sterilize and kill viruses.

There are many ultraviolet lamps on the market, how should we choose a suitable one?

Let's start with the properties of UVC.

UVC 表面-2

The wavelength of UVC is 200 to 280nm, also known as short-wave sterilization ultraviolet, which is particularly good at destroying genetic material.

Je vraagt ​​je misschien af ​​of we onder het zonlicht staan ​​dat UVC bevat, kunnen we erdoor worden “gedesinfecteerd”? Unfortunately, the answer is no.

Although the sterilization ability of UVC light is extremely strong, the penetration ability to objects (including air) is extremely weak. Before reaching the ground, all UVC lights will be filtered out by ozone in the atmosphere.

This is why we need to use a carrier similar to ultraviolet lamps to achieve disinfection.

In addition, it also means meest hand-held ultraviolet lamps on the market are useless.

Because the UVC in the light source simply cannot penetrate the glass, and even if it reaches the target by chance, it is only 5% of the energy.


As we all know, bacteria can be found alomost everywhere, making the disease spread quickly through a population. And viruses can quickly spread through airborne droplets.

To purify the air, UVC can work efficiently by causing permanent damage to the DNA or RNA of the bacteria & viruses without the use of chemicals. It is the way to make infected cells lost functions, to prevent disease spread.

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From above, we can see that if we want to maximize the use of UVC sterilization, we should encapsulate it in a small enclose space.

Because is a short wavelength, whcih has a power function only when the virus is nearby. And if it is blocked by ordinary glass or other things, it will completely lose its effectiveness.

This is why we recommend you PURE UVC LIGHTING LEDs but not UV LIGHTING TUBE. And it is best to be designed in a small confined space.

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Then, what are the advantages of UVC LEDs compared to UV lamps in purifing the air?

* UVC LEDs will not produce ozone that is harmful to the human body, and can effectively remove organic pollutants in the air.

* UVC LEDs is suitable for compact product size, such as the air conditioner duct.

* UVC LEDs has the advantages of low energy consumption, long life and stable efficiency.

Samengevat, the main application scenarios of UVC LEDs are not at the household level, but at the industrial level.

When it is used in a narrow and closed space, and does not require manual operation, it can achieve the best balance between performance and cost.

For example, use the UVC solution in the air conditioning system to further purify contaminated air.

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In the past, the general air conditioner only sterilized the evaporator for a long time at a high temperature, and the effect range was limited to the surface of the evaporator, which could not guarantee the effective killing of germs in the air.

Now, through UVC LEDs technology, air can be sterilized in real time during the circulation process, and the bacteria killing rate reaches 99.9%.

At the same time, the UVC LEDs is located inside the air conditioner, which only irradiates the air conditioner evaporator and the passing air, so it will not penetrate the body to illuminate the human body.

With the UVC LEDs techonlogy, there are many sterilization solutions in different applications:

* Office Sterilization

* Classroom Sterilization

* Bus Sterilization

* Mall Sterilization

* Supermarket Sterilization

* Factory Sterilization

* Laboratory Sterilization

* Hotel Sterilization

* Restaurant Sterilization

* Elevator Sterilization

If you have any request in UVC LEDs, or you'd like to know more about sterilization solutions, laat uw bericht achter voor een diepgaande discussie.

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