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Основачката приказна на ФЕТОН

Време:-2011 03 19-

Во 2005 година, Даниел, основачот на FETON, кој работи во областа на меѓународната трговија долги години, го сфати постоењето на нарушување на набавките во областа на ЛЕР.

For example, manufacturers have no ability to guide the demand from buyers so that many costy technologies that are not required by the market are applied to LED products.

In order to change this phenomenon, Daniel resolutely gave up the high-paying job of China's top 500 and embarked on the road of self-employment.

Then, Gary and Helen, who have decades of consultative experience in foreign trade, joined Daniel to contribute to the development of international trade.

It was March 2011 when FETON officially started the journey in Foshan, Guangdong, China.

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