Nowadays, UV light (ultraviolet light) is popping up as the answer to killing viruses and bacteria. However, if we lack a basic understanding of different UV light, there will be more risks than benefits.

Wha is UV light?



waht is uv light

その波長範囲は100〜400 nm(ナノメートル)で、さまざまな種類の光線で構成されています。 私たちがよく知っているのは、UV-A、UV-B、およびUV-Cです。 彼らは異なる波長、生物学的性質、および生命の用途を持っています。

Before formal introduction ,we need to remember one rule of uv light, that is, the shorter the wavelength, the stronger the energy, but the weaker the penetration, the faster the disappearance.

Three types of uv light

UV light: UV-A

A higher wavelength of UV light, which is 320 – 400 nm, is known as UVA light.

About 10% of sunlight being UV light and only about 3% to 4% penetrating the atmosphere to reach the ground. UV Light reaching our Earth's surface has almost 95% of the UVA light and 5% of the UVB light, while most of the UVC light is absorbed by Oxygen which is available in the Earth's atmosphere, thus forming Ozone layer.

proportion of uv light

In a word, we are all exposed to a high level of UVA light in our daylights.

  • Advantages of UV light: UVA

UVA has strong penetrating power and can even invade windows. Therefore, it was widely used for curing. For example, many people use UVA to quicky cure small fillers made of UV-Sensitive resins.


UVA has a higher IPCE (Incident Photon-to-Current Efficiency) than other uv light wavelengths and can achieve photocatalyst activity when comes into contact with the TiO2.

Photicatalyst action under uv light

光触媒を通して、酸化還元化学反応が起こります。 細菌、ウイルス、煙、ホルムアルデヒド、花粉、ダニなど、すべての炭素ベースの生物はH2OとCO2に分解されます。

  • Disadvantages of UV light: UVA

1. UVA can penetrate deep into the skin and cause sunburn, aging, and wrinkling on the human skin. It also contributes to the growth of skin cancer.

2. With the longer wavelength, UV光 has weaker energy. Therefore, UVA can't kill virues and bacteria alone without photocatalyst activity.

UV Light: UVB

UVB light has a shorter wavelength, ranging between 280 nm and 320 nm. It can be filtered and can not propagate through glass materials.

  • Advantages of UV light: UVB

People suffering from a shortage of Vitamin D and high blood pressure, exposure of the UVB light assists in lowering their blood pressure.

The favorable features of UVB light can be used to protect human beings from infection and treat few skin problems.

  • Disadvantages of UV light: UVB

UVB light is mainly accountable for causing skin burns. It infiltrates the out layer of the human skin and causes severe injuries.

It has neither strong energy nor strong penetrating ability, so it belongs to the uv light without help in sterilization.

UV Light: UVC

A part of UV light having the shortest wavelength is known as UVC light. Its wavelength is 200-280 nm and is popular for its sterilization effect.

Although UVC light can't reach the earth's surface, many manufacturers have developed man-made UVC LED.

UVCライトをより有効に活用するために、水銀を含まない3.5mm x 3.5mmの非常に小さなサイズでUVCソーシングを行うことができる新しい照明技術を開発しました。

  • Advantages of UV light: UVC

UVC has a number of benefits for human beings. It isolates the DNA of a germ that disallows the germ to breed or propagate and minimize its attacks on the living bodies including humans.

ウイルス、細菌などの微生物に対して致命的に作用し、喘息、cなどのさまざまな健康問題を引き起こします古い、または インフルエンザ。

uv light spectrum

  • Disadvantages of UV light: UVC

1. UVC can not discriminate between the human body and viruses, bacteria. It is responsible for redness and ulceration of the human skin and affects the human eye cells when a human body is exposed to it for a short period of time.

2. UVC has the tendency of electromagnetic waves to travel in a straight line. Combined with weak penetration ability, the sterilization conditions for UVC are strict, including small & confined space, long enough operating time, working without the presence of the human.

In conclusion, different UV lights have different functions. We should understand them in depth and make full use of their strengths. Only in this way can we achieve the best sterilization effect.

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