Kablovska LED lampica sa punim spektralnim svjetlom za prozirno svjetlo FT serije 1016

Emitting Color:Warm White/Neutral White/Cool White
Base Material:Normal ceramic
CRI:Normal Ra95,Customized 98,99 avaialble
Power available:20w,30w,40w,50w



◆Professional lighting with high color recognition

◆SMT ceramic package with copper dam, provides the wide spectrum.

◆Lighting of near-sunlight spectrum and changes in radiant intensity based on geographic location, date and time.

◆Industry’s lowest thermal resistance

◆Natural spectrum universal lighting, borne for healthy lighting

◆Real and vivid color reproduction, Return-to-origin color expression

◆Universal spectrum, including UVA and far red lights.

◆It also with a very high CRI(CRI>97).

◆Superior Corrosion RobustnessWide range of luminous flux and high efficacy.

◆Environment-friendly, long life span and high reliability.

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(1)Long-time artificial lighting and health-care scenarios

(2)Accurate color reduction scenarios

(3)HD Studios and special lighting

Konkurentska prednost

1.Our light source achieves full spectrum and high quality white light in a single SMD packaging, which is both an efficient horticultural light source and an ornamental lighting light source with high color reproduction as well.

2.The single-packaging multi-spectral nature of our LED greatly simplifies the design and development of the luminaire, shorten the development cycle and production time and reducing costs.

3.Due to success of reducing the thermal resistance significantly, our light source creates more options to match luminaire's products design with perfect performance, cost effective, high lumen density, etc.

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