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Visokokvalitetna vodootporna vanjska rasvjeta 120W 100W 150W LED solarna ulična svjetiljka solarni sustav integrirana ulična rasvjeta za uličnu rasvjetu Cestovna rasvjeta FT serije 9531

Upotreba: Rasvjeta
Color: Grey/ White/ Black/ other colors
Veličina: prilagođena
Material: Die-cast aluminum
Power: 20W/ 50W/ 100W/ 150W/ 200W (other power upon request)
Lifetime: 100,000 hours at 25℃ ambient temperature
Operating temperature range: -30℃ to 45℃



◆Light body with streamlined design, the drag coefficient is small, the overall structural design full beauty.

◆Lamp body is processed by advanced aluminum die molding, with good corrosion resistance.

◆Wide bat-wings light distribution, larger lighting area.

◆IOT managment, remote control and diagnostics.

◆Lights interfaces, and a light source are using stainless steel screws Hexagon lock, good sealing performance.

◆Overall very strong joints, loose parts or corrosion problem does not occur.

◆Stable performance, high temperature, the softening and aging problem does not occur, continuous work for 5-7 rainy days.

◆Die- casted by high thermal conductivity aluminum alloy material.

◆After the products being tested and qualified,the lights have been aging tested to ensure the stability of the lights.

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(1)City's main roads, secondary roads, the national roads and expressway

(2)Square and garden

(3)Parking Lots and residential area

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Konkurentska prednost

1.FETON provides one-stop overall lighting customization plan for numerous well-known lighting designers, architectural designers, electrical engineers, and interior decoration designers by means of outstanding quality control system, efficient supply chain management capacity and professional LED consulting teams.

2.We can customize the material, specifications for your road installation condition based on your needs. We have always insist with "quality and innovation" and offer competitive price for our clients.

3.We can recommend different configuration, according to the lamp power, temperature, sunshine radiation, continuously rainy days and every night working hours.

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