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Бясплатная версія ўльтрафіялетавай сістэмы з утрыманнем ртуці для міні-расколу вентыляцыйных сістэм у памяшканні

Выкарыстанне: прамысловае ці камерцыйнае выкарыстанне

Wavelength: UV-C and UV-A

Ужыванне: Стэрылізацыя

Эфектыўнасць: хуткасць стэрылізацыі 99.93%




More than sun and beach, more than iced beer and cold popsicle, perhaps nothing signals the arrival of summer like the soft familiar whir of air-conditioning.

But there is a growing concern that as a lot of harmful substances hidden in the air conditioner, how can consumers не саромейцеся turn on air-conditioning?

Especially for Mini-splits, rarely get cleaned, are prone to produce and hide harmful substances ike viruses & bacteria.


As reported by the Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air is 10 times more polluted than outdoor air.

To purify the air and increase value-added function, UV святло is becoming a popular product in the field of HVAC due to the strong sterilization ability.

Падобныя веды-

Can ultraviolet light kill the viruses and bacteria?

Чаму большасць ультрафіялетавых лямпаў на рынку неэфектыўныя?


On the market, there are three types of UVC air sterilization solution for air-conditioner.

1. UV Mercury Tube: Not suitable

Mercury is a toxic substance. If accidentally leaks, it's harmful to human body.

2. UVC LED System: Not efficient

Due to the short wavelength, UVC only has a power function when the virus is nearby. Otherwise it will completely loss effectiveness.

3. UVLED+Photocatalyst: Best solution at present

Through repeated trials and experiments, we have developed the efficient and harmless sterilization process, that is UVLED+Photocatalyst.


UVLED + Фотакаталізатар is the air disinfection system applied for air heating and cooling system, with UV LED Strip & photocatalyst. It has double effect at killing virus/ bacterial/ VOCs/ animals smelling immediately at a 99.93% killing rate.

The UV system belongs to Feton owened technology, composed of UV LED Strip and TiO2 filter.


If we only use UVC as a disinfectant, either the UV dose is too small to work, or the cost is too high to accept.

To solve the problem, we choose the combination of UV STERILIZATION and PHOTOCATALYST ACTIVITY.

Як працуе працэс?

1. Tio2 filter was irradiated by UV LED Strip (UVA+UVC), which will cause the Photocatalyst effect.

2. Under Photocatalyst effect, strong oxidizing agent OH+ is produced.

3. OH+ start to surround and destroy harmful substances.

4. All carbon-based organisms, including bacteria, viruses, smoke, formaldehyde, pollen, mites etc, will be disintegrated into H2O & CO2.

5. У дачыненні да шкодных рэчываў, якія не загінулі TiO2, УФ-З прапануе дадатковую функцыю.

Therefore, the killing efficiency is higher than 99.93%.


Why choose UVLED+Photocatalyst?

1. Fast Disinfection speed

Our disinfection system can kill harmful substances immediately to prevent them from repairing structure and activity.

2. Double kill Process

For viruses not killed by TiO2, UV-C can offer supplementary function with killing rate more than 99.93%.

3. No harm for human

Мы выкарыстоўваем UV-A at 405nm wavelength to avoid UV leakage harm. And all disinfect by-product is CO2/ H2O.

4. Acceptable Prices

UVC only provide supplementary function, whcih makes system acceptable by consumers.

The price of our system is less than one tenth of UVC products, but the effect is much more obvious.

5. прастата ўстаноўкі

Even consumers can install our UVLED+Photocatalyst System by themselves.

Large driver is difficult to install in the air conditioner, while what we use is Meanwell Driver with small size, which can be placed in the PCB box .


If you want to know more information, or you'd like to customize your sterilization solution, калі ласка, пакіньце сваё паведамленне для паглыбленага абмеркавання.

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