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Should I buy UV Sterilizer Wand?

Time: 2020-06-30

In the current situation, people are eager to find something that can protect them, and it's not surprising that many manufacturers advertise that their UV products have sterilization functions. 

One of the most popular is the UV Sterilizer wand, which is expected to use ultraviolet light to easily destroy viruses and bacterial.

UV sterilizer wand

1. Can UV Sterilizer Wand kill viruses

Theoretically, UV sterilizer wands will disinfect at a distance for as long as you can power them. Unfortunately, the practical application is not that simple, and you should think twice before purchasing it. 

The actual efficacy of UV sterilizing wand depends on three things:

1. The intensity of the UV sterilizer wand:

Researchers believe that a UV sterilizer wand that emits high-intensity rays could help to kill the viruses. One has to ensure that a high amount of UV light is supplied to kill all the viruses. 

For this purpose, a high-performance UV sterilizer wand which is emitting a high intensity of UV light is required. 

Such a type of the sterilizer wand is currently limited by the transparent electrode substance being used. 

Therefore, it needs a lot of care and precautions while operating the UV sterilizer wand.

uv dose


2. The distance between the UV sterilizer wand and the infected surface:

Scientists have agreed on the distance required between the UVC light source and the infected surface. According to them, eight feet is the safe distance between the UVC light source and the infected surface. 

The various microorganisms were efficiently inactivated at the distance of eight feet from the UV source.

3. The exposure time of the surface to UV sterilizer wand:

Other than distance, exposure time is also an essential parameter that is involved in the deactivation of the viruses and bacteria.

To disinfect a surface, the exposure time of the UVC light should be enough long. The variation in the range of time is because all the germs, viruses, bacteria, pathogens, etc. has different sizes and shapes that affect their UVC absorption, the required time for killing each species varies. 

Also, this point should be kept in mind that this exposure time should be from the distance of eight feet between the UVC light source and the infected surface.

In summary, although UV sterilizer wand does have a Sterilization effect, its effect is a combination of ultraviolet energy and irradiation time. 

UV sterilization

UV sterilizer wand can only cover a small surface area, so if you try to disinfect the entire room, it may take a long time. 

For example, if UV Sterilizer Wand is being used, important tips and instructions are required like how close you should hold it to the surface under disinfection, how long you need to hold it there, and how much area it can treat when held in that one location for that amount of time.

2. Disadvantages of UV Sterilizer Wand

· UV sterilizer wand is not practical:

Most science shows that the effectiveness of UV-C light is actually on a flatter surface. It does not work well in corners and crevices because it is the spectrum of visible light, and if light cannot enter, it will not produce the same effect. 

So the bacteria in those bends and crevices will not be affected by UV-C light. This will limit the use of UV sterilizing wand to flatter surfaces only. 

As it covers a smaller surface area, a rotational mechanism is required to move the sterilizing wand to 360 degrees. 

According to the scientist's findings, the amount of UVC light required for sterilization is around 20,000 joules per meter square, and it is almost impossible to get that in a hand-held little device.


· No specific instructions:

The normal consumer does not have the information or expertise to use the UVC device effectively and safely. 

insufficient UV dose

The exact duration required for sterilization will vary according to the varieties of light source and virus. All viruses are made differently. Some are more susceptible to ultraviolet radiation, while others are tougher. 

Also, the effect on different microorganisms varies. UVC light is most effective on bacteria while viruses resist against them for a longer period of time. 

People should be cautious of the description, claims and endorsements for the UV sterilizing wand sold in the markets.


· Harmful:

In essence, a UV sterilizing wand requires someone to hold it. 

Looking at some UV sterilizing wand, none of them seem to be equipped with protective gear. If the device can destroy the virus, then it can also harm you. 

UVC light is known to be hazardous for human body. As much as UV-C light can destroy cells and membranes of bacteria and viruses, it also known to be fatal and can cause cancer to humans. 

uv harm

It is the spectrum of UV light that results in sunburns. Exposure to human skin and eyes are threatening. 

At least, cover your eyes and arms while operating with the UVC light to limit the exposure.

3. Precautions before buying a UVC device

· Sterilization efficiency:

Not all types of UVC devices are effective and results producing, when it comes to UVC sterilization. 

While purchasing a UVC device for sterilization, people should keep the efficiency of the product. In the case of disinfection, the efficiency is defined as the number of germs and hazardous microorganisms killed in unit time. 

There is no doubt in the fact that UVC disinfection devices like UV sterilizing wand are used to destroy viruses and bacterium, however the amount of time in killing a virus is huge.


· Security:

Experts claim that a UVC device can destroy viruses, but home devices risk false security. 

According to the researchers, a hand-held UVC devices which is being sold online with a claim that it can disinfect groceries and clothing are not fully reliable and dangerous if they are mishandled. 

To avoid the exposure, lessen the entrance to places where UVC devices are used or limit the exposure of UVC radiations. Also, display signs of warning at the entrance of the laboratories.

uv sterilization wand


· Legality of the product:

Scientists have said that if a manufacturer cannot give scientific proof of killing microorganisms using their product, then do not purchase their product. 

Some of the products are substandard and have failed to pass the standards set by officials. Thus, the devices will give a false sense of security to users. 

The markets are offering a lot of devices which are low cost and they are not fruitful and attested. People need to see the quality devices, which have a proof in disinfection in home medical device, or if it has a commercial history of sterilization, such as being used to destroy a DNA sample in the laboratories.


In summary, even if the UV sterilizing wand are functional, their disadvantages outweigh their use: UV light is only suitable for flat surfaces, and you don’t know how long it will take to disinfect the surface to kill viruses & bacterial and may end up hurting yourself. 

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