Time: 2020-02-27

It was 13th in July 2019.

Mr. Hobart from Turkey popped up with a message in my mailbox.

It was a typically simple inquiry:" Hi, my name is Hobart, I am interested in your washer lights, I want to know the price, pls send the quotation to my mail: [email protected]"

Instead of answering his request directly, I invited him to participate in our one-to-one consultation first.

So here we are.

Me: "Hi, Mr. Hobart. Tks for you inquiry. As we provide a variety of  washer lights, it's highly appreciated that you could introduce youself and your business plan shortly so that we could issue a solution that best fits your needs."

Mr. Hoberts: " I have been in the business of LED lighting for 50 years, now I need high-quality washer lights to win a large architectural lighting project in the Middle East."

Unsurprisingly, just as most clients did, he was not willing to talk much, seemingly assured of what he needs.

Me: "Based on my experience, I suggest that you could do a SWOT analysis first.
As for the external factors, could you share more information about you project? Then we could combine it with our experience in LED field to provide a complete market report for you.
Then as for your internal factors, FETON team has done some preliminary investigations and analysis, pls check the contents of the attachment."

Mr. Hoberts: "Tks for your professionalism. To be honest, I have enquired many manufacturers before you, but none of them care what I need exactly.
I'm a lighting design-based enterprise, and the attachment is our blueprint for this project.
However, almost all of manufacturers told me that developing a new mould is inevitable and I need to pay an extra cost for it.
But how can I win the project with it?"

Me: " Don't worry, we have handled similar cases for many clients. I'll mail you the most suitable solution for your reference within two weeks."

Here is all we have done:

This is one of our cases where we help clients turn ideas into real specific products and real profit.

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