Time: 2020-02-26

You may have had someone to take care of your purchasing business in China, like following up orders, buying small stuff or making international delivery.

Is this enough?

If this is a simple buying, it may be enough, though we all know international purchasing is not just following up, buying and making a delivery.

A is a lighting design-based enterprise, he had an unpleasant experience in communicating with his previous factory before cooperating with us.

The conversations between him and manufacturers are always like below:

"Could you provide XX products according to my blueprint image?"
"Sorry, this is not our existing product, we have to develop a new mould. Can you accept an extra cost for this new mould?"

"Why can’t your product solve my problem?"
“Sorry sir, we are focusing on manufacture and products themselves, we offer products for your choice, please let me know your requirements about products.”

Obviously, the client and manufacturer are not on the same page.

As a designer, his concern is how products get a great performance.

But as the staff from the manufacturer above, due to his manufacture working environment and experience, it’s not easy for him to understand problem-solve oriented words rather than a module, quality control, quantity and production cost.

See, what a gap in the communication between buyers and staff from manufacturers!

The same purchasing project FETON got, let’s see what did my coworker do for it.

Below is the blueprints my coworker got from the lighting designer, she took days to discuss and analyze requirements with the designer.

Then she made these requirements specific and precision and translate them into a material breakdown sheet as below, then the manufacturer just needs to process order step by step as per this sheet.

And there is no extra cost for any other unnecessary work or tooling.

It's a win-win situation.

If you are interested in how to make your purchasing business efficient and get rid of potential risks, please contact us for more details.