Time: 2020-02-27

Have you ever find quality problems after receiving the goods? How did you solve it?

In many cases, a common solution is to complain to the supplier about the problem and ask for compensation.

Is this enough?

Trust me, if you deal with the problem in the way, it will continue to happen.

The correct approach should be to identify and eliminate the hidden trouble that caused the problem.

For example, a few months ago, one of our clients encountered a serious quality problem.

The supplier sent him a container of goods, but after inspecting the goods, the product surface was found to be uneven.

For this problem, the supplier's explanation is that the workers forgot to polish it. And he is willing to bear the cost and promises to strengthen the supervision of workers.

It seems that the matter has come to an end. But for us, that's not enough.

Since the workers can forget to polish the product today, what about tomorrow? If we can't find the root cause, the client will continue to face losses.

So, we had a conference call with the supplier shortly after this issue.

In this communication, we've trying to find the real causes by constantly asking questions, just as below:

Then, the real cause of the problem emerged.

It seems that the quality problem was caused by workers' improper operation. But in fact, it is a management issue.

After the communication, a new manager was replaced to follow up on the implementation of the instruction.

Meanwhile, as a knowledge distributor, FETON also conducted a one-hour management course for the factory manager. Since then, there have been no more quality problems in the factory.

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