Time: 2020-02-27

Have you ever been bombarded with emails? Have you ever received emails full of useless information?

If your answer is YES, you may need our help.

A is a LED lighting enterprise, which encountered a terrible quality problem, that is, the position of the lens is REVERSED by the workers. This caused great resistance to the subsequent sales process.

To deal with the problem, he sent a complaint email to the manufacturer, mainly including the following things:

How angry I was.
What a serious impact and loss this mistake has caused.
You need to offer me a satisfactory solution.

But after receiving the email, the manufacturer sensed nothing but anger. And he had been emailing the client to apologize in an effort to soothe him.

As for the SOLUTION, what the client really cares about, he didn't mention a word at all.

Obviously, the client and supplier are not on the same page.

Due to the manufacturing working environment and experience, it's difficult for the manufacturer to understand problem-solving oriented mindset and offer a solution to avoid the problem.

But in FETON, we always adhere to the 5W2H method to help clients solve problems, including the following steps:

Let's go back to the original case:

WHAT?----The position of the lens is REVERSED.
WHY?----Because the manufacturers lack clear installation instructions.
WHO?----The factory should be responsible for the problem.
WHEN?----Two months ago.
WHERE?----At the client's port.
HOW?----The factory compensated the client for all the loss. The factory modified the installation instruction in detail and make some compensations.
HOW MUCH?----It will take a week to modify the instruction, but the problem can be fundamentally solved.

After identifying the seven points, we have a comprehensive understanding of the problem.

To avoid a recurrence of the problem, there should be a detailed GUIDE to instruct workers on which side of the lens needs to face up.

Therefore, after in-depth communication with the chief engineer of the supplier, we reached a consensus to mark the installation direction at the beginning.

Since then, such problems never occurred again. The client not only solved the problem this time but also avoided the loss in the future.

He was very satisfied and sent us the following email to show his approval.

It' s our mission to help clients reduce the cost and improve the efficiency of their business by supply chain management.

If you are interested in how to make your purchasing business efficient and get rid of potential risks, please contact us.