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Low Glare Ra 90 LED Pendant Ceiling Lamp Light Grille Panel for School Lighting Classroom Lighting Conference Lighting FT Series 9685

Usage: Lighting
Size: Customized
Surface Finish Color: Black or Customized Color
Lamp Body Material: Aluminum Alloy
Wire: 2/3/4wire
CRI: Ra>90/95/98



Previously, most of classroom lighting systems were used traditional fluorescent lamps. 

The defects of fluorescent lamps are obvious: direct glare, strobe, blue light leakage, low color rendering index, and unreasonable lighting layout. Those are not good for children's eye health.

Therefore, in order to better help students experience education in new ways, we provide classroom lights to replace the original lights. After the renovation, the lighting in all rooms and areas has been improved, while improving energy efficiency.

Light distribution: diffusion plate+ Sheet grating,double measures to control glare.

Ultral­bright LED lamp beads, high CRI, high lightness.

High uniformity of soft light, provide more comfortable visual experience, no UGR jeopardize.

CRI is up to 90+, meet the national standard requirements of art classroom.

Adopting a new generation of LED chips with high brightness and long life, low temperature and long life of lamp chips.

No flickering, no ghost images and ripple curve, good for eyes.

Lamp surface treated with anodization,corrosion-resistant, artistic appearance.

Integrated heat dispersion structure, low lumens depreciation and long lifespan.

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(1)Clothes/shoes/boutique/jewelry store

(2)Supermarkets, Exhibition halls, Hospitality business, Museums

(3)Other commercial and residential place

Competitive Advantage

1. FETON provides one-stop overall lighting customization plan for numerous well-known lighting designers, architectural designers, electrical engineers, and interior decoration designers by means of outstanding quality control system, efficient supply chain management capacity and professional LED consulting teams.

2. We can customize the products to the requirement of the clients. We have always insist with "quality and innovation" and offer competitive price for our clients.

3. High CRI and incredible light efficiency will improve the image of any product that is intended to be highlighted, capture the attention of customers, and increase the profits of the business.

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